Industries We Serve in Odessa, TX

The Midessa Group specializes in selling small to mid-market private companies with revenues between $5 million and $80 million in various industries.  

Oil & Gas Services

Navigating the intricacies of the Oil & Gas services industry requires a strategic approach, and at The Midessa Group, we take the time to understand your unique goals. With a proven track record in selling businesses within this sector, we recognize that success comes from meticulous preparation and a tailored approach. Let us be your partner in achieving your business sales objectives.

Our Specialties

Flowback Equipment Rental
Pump Solutions
Factoring and Accounts Receivable Invoicing
Completion Services
Machine Shop
Well Plugging & Abatement
Environmental Cleaning
Industrial Water Treatment
Flow Measurement, Automated Valves and Instrumentation
Engineering and consulting service
Inspection Services
Manufacturing & Fabrication
Specialty Chemical Services
Wireline Services
Trucking & Logistics
Storage and Process Tanks
Propane Storage Solutions
Well Servicing
Fishing & Rental


In the realm of healthcare, The Midessa Group stands as a beacon of guidance. We understand that selling healthcare businesses isn't a quick endeavor; it's a journey that demands careful planning and expertise.

Our team, enriched with industry experts, is dedicated to helping you navigate this journey successfully. From Physician Practices to Mental Health services, we're here to shape your healthcare business sales with utmost precision.

Our Specialties

Physician Practice
Medical Coding
Cancer Registry
Mental and Behavioral Health
Wound care product companies
Self-Directed Care (consumer/self-directed services) 


Selling within the insurance sector necessitates a strategic outlook, and that's precisely what you'll find at The Midessa Group. We acknowledge that each sector within insurance has its nuances, which is why we work closely with you to tailor our approach.

With a keen focus on sectors like Property and Casualty, and Health & Workers Compensation, we're committed to guiding you through the dynamic landscape of insurance business sales.

Our Specialties

Property and Casualty
Health & Workers Comp


When it comes to selling businesses in the industrial realm, The Midessa Group is your partner of choice. Our wealth of experience spans an array of sectors, including Testing and Inspection, Commercial Plumbing, and Auto Collision Centers. 

Just as no two businesses are alike, no two sales strategies should be either. We collaborate with you to craft a personalized plan that ensures a successful business sale.

Our Specialties

Testing and Inspection including Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Industrial Insulation
Abatement and Remediation
Electrical Utility Service
Safety Companies
Industrial Air & Rental Manufacturing of Industrial products
Supply Store
Roofing – Residential and Commercial 
Commercial and Residential Storage
Oil Change Service
Pest Control
Portable Toilet Rental Commercial Plumbing (10+ plumbers) 
Fire Protection
Residential Mowing and Landscape
Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning
Residential Service, Repair and Replacement (10+ technicians) 
Auto Collision and Repair Center
Asphalt and Concrete paving 
Garage Door Service and Installation


Selling retail businesses is an art that requires precision, and at The Midessa Group, we're masters of this craft. With a diverse portfolio encompassing everything from Full-Service Restaurants to Wineries, we understand the unique dynamics of each sector. 

Your retail business sale isn't just a transaction to us; it's a carefully orchestrated process that draws upon our proven expertise to bring your goals to fruition.

Our Specialties

Full-Service and Fast-Food Restaurants
Wedding and Event Venues
Wineries and Liquor Stores
“This is a testimonial about how great Enrique and The Midessa Group is.”
john doe |  abc company
“This is a testimonial about how great Enrique and The Midessa Group is.”
john doe |  abc company
“This is a testimonial about how great Enrique and The Midessa Group is.”
john doe |  abc company

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